Urban Barn Market 2016 Design

In 2015, I embarked on a short-lived (but super fun) journey into the Memphis Maker world with handmade felt flowers. Thanks to this adventure, I made so many new friends in the Memphis community I will be forever thankful. Two of these friendships included the lovely ladies of the Urban Barn Market, Carrie and Debi – I even featured them in my Memphis Makers Series.

When I was hunting down local markets to participate with my felt flowers, I discovered the adorable Urban Barn Market and HAD to apply. It featured local vendors including art, handmade goods, food, vintage furniture and more – and I was so ecstatic when I was approved to be one of them. After participating in a Spring market and a Fall market, I was unable to get my stuff together to participate in another Spring, but I was asked to make the 2016 Spring market branding for the market!

The theme of the 2016 Spring Urban Barn Market was art – HELLO! <heart emoji> the plan was a paint-by-number design that included the logo and different colorways. The final pieces included a tee shirt design, a printable paint-by-number for guests and (my fave) a GIANT painted canvas I got to stretch and paint myself = dream.



Memphis Makers Series

Memphis Makers Series was a series of illustrated paintings to showcase all the talented new people I met on my felt-flower journey. A wonderful group of ladies all doing their own thing and crushing it, all makers I’ve met in the last several years are unbelievably supportive and kind. I wanted to pay homage to them in the best way I know how – art.

I loved the series so much, MaryClaire White offered her newly-renovated gallery space behind Falling Into Place and I jumped at the opportunity to show off the pieces in my very first art show! (Insert MAJOR butterflies in the stomach)

Most of my pieces are shown below, but the series included the ladies of Urban Barn Market, MaryClaire of Falling Into Place, Kristin of Everbloom, Amy Hartelust, Hillary Butler, Beth Winterburn, Maggie Russell, Kat of Muddy’s Bake Shop, Brit of Paper & Clay, Elyse of Prim Society, Nuha of 17 Berkshire (who is about to open her brick and mortar!!), the ladies of Propcellar and Anna of Hoot + Louise.

Materials: Acrylic paint, metallic gold paint & ink

Shansky Christmas Session

I’ve had the pleasure of taking Christmas card pictures for the Shansky family not one, but two years now! Such close friends of ours, I’m so honored to capture these for them every year.

This year we spent an afternoon on the Greenway in Germantown to get some open sky in those pictures, and man, did we get some sky! One of my favorite spots to take pictures opens up to a massive hill and at sunset we timed it perfectly. Some of my favorite captures of all time are right here.

Check out this gorgeous family!

Abstract Exploratory

After discovering new artists on instagram, I have an appreciation for their art and process.. that appreciation *often* leads to feeling the need to give it a shot myself (it’s never as amazing as theirs, but I do love trying new things).

I stumbled across a few incredibly inspiring artists on insta that were focusing on abstract fluid paintings and I believe my first thought was, “YAAAASSSSS.”

So here’s my attempt. Plain old canvas, acrylic paints mixed with water and medium (with absolutely no formula – just winging it). OMG this process is SO fun. And SOOOOO messy. Fortunately, my husband gave me my own studio when we bought our house and it’s tile, so the acrylic just mopped right up. Otherwise, summer outdoor-only project.

It hung in my office at Lokion until I left for maternity leave and now it’s hanging in Jack’s room! I think it perfectly rounds out his colorful themeless nursery we’ve got going (not that I’m biased or anything..).

Grandmother Portaiture

My dining room is one of my favorite rooms of the house (even though we literally never use it). It’s got my favorite color, navy. I have hung the navy china plates from inspiration from my wedding. And now, it has one of my favorite side projects hanging as decor!

Charcoal portraiture is one of my all-time favorites for side projects. I fell in love with the process in my figure drawing classes at SCAD. Content is usually my hang up, but when I thought of mine and Clay’s grandmothers, it was a done-deal.

The first image is my maternal grandmother, Jackie, on her wedding day! The second image is Clay’s paternal grandmother, Judy dressed up for a high school formal. Both such vibrant women, I’m proud to have them both in our home!

Material: Charcoal + Acrylic Paint

HomWork Assignments

Handlettering queen, Lauren Hom posted an instagram challenge for hand lettering pieces so I hopped aboard. I love the hand lettered design, but there’s so much “meh” hand lettering out there, I tried to stay out of the game in attempts to save the world from more “handwriting” rather than design or calligraphy. However, Lauren’s work is SO inspiring I faced the fear and jumped in.

Not only was it so refreshing to see so much good design work fill my feed with her followers on the challenge, it was reminiscent of SCAD days where you want to be better because you’re surrounded by better.

I’m not an advocate of many challenges.. but when one pops up that has genuine artists and creatives participating and launching a hashtag feed of true art and design, it’s well worth the follow. Seriously. Take a peek at the hashtag to see other artists’ work on this challenge below and sign up (if you dare) to follow along and participate!

HomWork Posts

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Sadie Gray Milestone Session

Oh man, little Sadie. You are such an adorable little thing!! Those beautiful little curls and big blue eyes – no one stands a chance.

I’ve been so blessed to have the opportunity to take pictures for important milestones for family and friends here and there – I love it!! I got to take milestone pictures for a few friends for their daughter’s two year old birthday and I was so thrilled to meet this little lady. What a cutie pie!