Abstract Exploratory

After discovering new artists on instagram, I have an appreciation for their art and process.. that appreciation *often* leads to feeling the need to give it a shot myself (it’s never as amazing as theirs, but I do love trying new things).

I stumbled across a few incredibly inspiring artists on insta that were focusing on abstract fluid paintings and I believe my first thought was, “YAAAASSSSS.”

So here’s my attempt. Plain old canvas, acrylic paints mixed with water and medium (with absolutely no formula – just winging it). OMG this process is SO fun. And SOOOOO messy. Fortunately, my husband gave me my own studio when we bought our house and it’s tile, so the acrylic just mopped right up. Otherwise, summer outdoor-only project.

It hung in my office at Lokion until I left for maternity leave and now it’s hanging in Jack’s room! I think it perfectly rounds out his colorful themeless nursery we’ve got going (not that I’m biased or anything..).

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