Urban Barn Market 2016 Design

In 2015, I embarked on a short-lived (but super fun) journey into the Memphis Maker world with handmade felt flowers. Thanks to this adventure, I made so many new friends in the Memphis community I will be forever thankful. Two of these friendships included the lovely ladies of the Urban Barn Market, Carrie and Debi – I even featured them in my Memphis Makers Series.

When I was hunting down local markets to participate with my felt flowers, I discovered the adorable Urban Barn Market and HAD to apply. It featured local vendors including art, handmade goods, food, vintage furniture and more – and I was so ecstatic when I was approved to be one of them. After participating in a Spring market and a Fall market, I was unable to get my stuff together to participate in another Spring, but I was asked to make the 2016 Spring market branding for the market!

The theme of the 2016 Spring Urban Barn Market was art – HELLO! <heart emoji> the plan was a paint-by-number design that included the logo and different colorways. The final pieces included a tee shirt design, a printable paint-by-number for guests and (my fave) a GIANT painted canvas I got to stretch and paint myself = dream.


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