Ellywise Studios’ NEW SITE IS UP!!

FINALLY we’ve launched our official new site featuring all the things

Launch Confetti4

Tell us about the new site.

All my past design jobs have helped me grow as a creative and acquire well-rounded skills that weren’t being offered on my past site – now I’ve got a home for them ALL (well, that plus the blog). Since I’m a full-time Stay-At-Home-Mom I have the ability to work from home more and take on more freelance work for which I am passionate. I’ve always been chasing the creatively-fulfilling-work outside of office hours, and now I’m pumped it gets to be my full creative outlet!

What did you do before this?

After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design, my resumé line-up includes:

  • Photography editor for a small photography business
  • Art Director for a large retail chain
  • Lead Illustrator for a small children’s book series (unpublished)
  • Web Designer for a local Memphis tech company
  • all the while taking on freelance work in between

What freelance have you had?

Most of my freelance work has been a general umbrella of graphic design and illustration. A few projects I’ve worked consisted of illustration work for a Women’s Organization, designed online magazine spreads, packaging and branding for a medical product and logo design for a corporate factoring company. As you can see, it’s been a pretty wide variety of clients and a wide variety of experiences.

What are your services you offer now?

Ellywise Studios currently has four main branches of services. Branding (+ materials), Wedding, Illustration and Photography.

Let’s talk Branding.

For branding, I’m taking my past experiences and building up a catch-all for any small business with branding needs. Logos, submarks, business cards, pricing sheets – the works. For web presence, I’ve teamed up with the amazing Ashley Summers as our developer so we can take our clients’ brands from the first logo sketch to a complete site launch. She’s amazing and my hero.

Wedding services? 

Wedding is the newest branch and I’m SO excited about it. As a member of a wedding-industry family, I’ve worked/witnessed 100+ weddings and even still I love them so much. One, it’s a great party where everyone has fun and celebrates love. Two, (most importantly) it’s the day two people become a family (we italians are big on fam).

What Illustration work are we talking?

Quick run-down: I went to SCAD for Animation, stumbled upon a Children’s Book Illustration course my last year – the rest was history. I couldn’t be more obsessed. It’s a long-time passion turned real. Ellywise Studios’ site will play host to available art prints and play mats for kiddos, as well as a place to have your very own custom board books printed or custom printable activity books (I’ve used them for travel time to keep kiddos busy – worked like a CHARM!).

Finally, Photography.

There’s not much new here, I just couldn’t bring myself to leave it off. As previously mentioned, I worked as a photo editor my first out-of-college job and learned a lot about editing and the function of cameras. My family has always  been camera-people so we had stacks of photo albums at my house and I love flipping through them. I think the lack of printed photo albums is a major bummer these days and that kind of drives my photography. I want everyone to have pictures that they can get out 10 years later and say “oh man, look at how small you were!” or “aww remember our first house?”

You’re a Stay-At-Home-Mom, do you have time for new clients?

Yes!! If you notice, the footer of the new site says “Phone by appointment only” which really means “Phone by naptime only.” My little blue-eyed mini-me keeps me on my game and I couldn’t be more blessed to be able to get to stay home with him.. but all you creatives know, you can’t just turn that off.

In addition to my availability, I’m excited to say I’ve also got my girl Rachel Wyatt (also from SCAD) to join the fun. Rachel and I have existed collaboratively (creative work, sharing bunk beds, planning weddings – all the things) together since 2010. You’ll also see both of our wedding suites we designed for ourselves on the Wedding portfolio.

Last question, what are you hoping to accomplish in the future?

Whether it’s a website, email, wedding invitation, or a nursery’s wall art – I want to focus on making the world a prettier place!

See the new site here.


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