Tea Party Adventure Session

Let’s talk life goals/bucket lists. Like, sky diving or riding a camel (?) or photographing someone famous.

Well, folks, this summer my secret goal of photographing a celeb came true. I was invited to photograph a very formal afternoon tea with two Mermaid-Princess-Acrobat-Cowgirls (they told me so themselves).

When Kady (a friend of ours) wanted in on the Adventure Session fun, she messaged me about doing a tea party. As I’m typing “yay” I see the text bubble pop back up and then receive “with chickens” and I had to immediately erase my response and add all caps for excitement. Kady is a hilarious human being – I feel like every time I’m around her I laugh the entire time. She doesn’t even have to be telling a joke, I swear – her delivery of a story about the grocery store sounds like a stand-up.

Her two girls? Equally hilarious.

The Mermaid-Princess-Acrobat-Cowgirls had a very fancy set up with their actual tea cups and saucers, floral centerpiece, good ole’ summer peaches and a teapot of sweet tea. The whole thing was just freakin’ adorable. Oh, and then they brought out the chickens and pony. Not pictured here is mom hustling around dragging out furniture and prepping tea cups while dad literally jogs around dropping feed to lure the chickens to the tea party. Then, ending the day with a ride on the tractor with the Mermaid Princesses in lace dresses and flower crowns.

Y’all. This family is the cutest.

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