Ogale Adventure Session

What a fun summer it’s been! Hot (and sweaty at times), but I’ve enjoyed every moment of it – and this final Summer Adventure session was no different! Teensy, tiny, little Evelyn was THE CUTEST during our mid-morning picnic session. The soft pink hand-me-down, hand-me-down, hand-me-down quilt was the perfect backdrop for this little one’s big smiles! Quick question, how can so much cuteness be in one baby? CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME.

Little Evelyn is the happiest baby ever! She’s working on sitting up (and she’s got a pretty good handle on it) but even when she tumps over she just takes a second and looks up and smiles. CUTE. She just radiates cute. I’m so glad the Ogale family let me take some pictures for them!

I don’t know that I can write enough to fully show my gratitude for everyone that signed up for Summer Adventure sessions this year. SO. GRATEFUL. I love you all and now you’ve spoiled me. I never want to go back to a life where taking pictures of babies isn’t something I get to do. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

OgalePost1Ogale Post2Ogale Post3


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