Ogale Adventure Session

What a fun summer it’s been! Hot (and sweaty at times), but I’ve enjoyed every moment of it – and this final Summer Adventure session was no different! Continue reading

Tea Party Adventure Session

Let’s talk life goals/bucket lists. Like, sky diving or riding a camel (?) or photographing someone famous.

Well, folks, this summer my secret goal of photographing a celeb came true. I was invited to photograph a very formal afternoon tea with two Mermaid-Princess-Acrobat-Cowgirls (they told me so themselves).

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Morning at the Marina Adventure Session

Twins. Boats. Turtles. Ice Cream.

Bright and sunny (+ HOT) Saturday mornings are way more fun with these kiddos. They are so funny and colorful they are just awesome to be around. Twins are a handful to say the least, but little Bradford and Anna Kate are TOO sweet (+mama Blair makes it look too easy).

When we scheduled the Adventure Session I wondered where to go. Arkansas is sneaky-beautiful with the mountains and trees as far as you can see. I thought maybe it could be fun to meet in the Mountain Home town square or maybe even have pictures while shooting off the colleges fireworks.. BUT when Pop-Pop and Granny own the marina, you HAVE to hang out at the marina.

Painted bright colors, the family-run Quarry Marina is the perfect setting for a Summer Adventure Session. Feeding the fish, hopping on boats & raiding the freezer for Dippin’ Dots – these kids are living the lake-dream. I hope one day Bradford or Anna Kate can look to these pictures and immediately remember how fun it was to go see Pop-Pop and Granny at the store and eat ice cream on the benches.

Lemonade + Cookies Adventure Session

This Adventure session was with an amazing photog momma (who, P.S., was a fellow dance team member per 2004) and her two girls! We hung out while they made chocolate chip cookies, ate the batter (yum) and washed it down with lemonade.

Talking to Katie, she said she is a big picture-taker at home (I mean duh) but rarely gets in front of the camera. I’ve had the same thoughts, so when she said she wanted to do an Adventure Session with an activity she does with the girls often, like baking, I was alllllll for it. Get in front of those cameras, mom!


What goes better on a sunny summer day than chocolate chip cookies and lemonade? Cousin Maddox, that’s who!


Sophie + Harvey Adventure Session

It’s time! The very first 2018 Summer Adventure Session is officially up on the blog!

The Adventure Sessions are my FAVORITE and doing them in the bright summer sun just makes them so much better. Sophie and Harvey love riding their bikes so it was an easy choice what activity they’d do for the session. Little Sophie informed me of helmet safety and proper footwear while Harvey went flying past with his training wheels.


Amazingly, the weather was absolutely awesome. We hit a shady spot that was open to the breeze and Kendyll and I turned to each other in unison-shock at how amazing it turned out. Both Harvey and Sophie are so adorable they have the best sibling chemistry.

So many giggles – it was a blast!!