Happy Father’s Day!

I’ve had the pleasure of taking pictures for families for a few years now. I’ve talked about how special the process is, and I’ve talked about my opinion on importance of family photos.. but today the dads get the spotlight.

This year has been a bit different for the Presleys (having a baby and all). I find myself seeing things differently. Growing as an artist is important and boy pulling some of these older images sure makes me appreciate growth. But this is somehow different. The soft smile, the far-off stare, small things that I saw before seem more important in photos now. Jacks growing like a weed and I don’t want to miss documenting a single thing. INCLUDING dad time.

It’s a mysterious thing that Jack and I will never quite have together. Their games are borderline dangerous, they (both) giggle at things that I have no idea why it’s funny. We’ve officially crossed from baby to kid when we play with dad. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a mommas-boy through and through, but playing with dad is a special thing (and it’s a wonder to behold).

Any man can be a father, it takes someone special to be a dad.

So, to celebrate Dads, I’ve dug through past family shoots (all the way back to Ellywise beginnings) and pulled a few of my FAVORITE daddy shots. Not that I didn’t appreciate them before, now I find these shots even more heart-melting. Some of my favorite pictures I have of Jack are shots of him with Clay. I hope that one day when Jack and all these other kiddos are older they’ll have photo albums to flip through reliving all the wonderful memories of holidays and birthdays.. and even just the Thursday where we painted a pumpkin or played with a water hose in the driveway.

Here’s to the dads!

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McAlexander Milestone Session


So, if you want talk busy, let’s talk about the McAlexander family! Building a house AND having a baby. Phew. You guys. I’m tired just thinking about it. This adorable little family asked me to come do a Milestone session for little Collins in the new house (that of course) I had to shoot while there.

Y’all. This house. It’s freaking gorgeous. Not only does it look like the stuff of Joanna Gaines’ dreams, it’s on, like, a bazillion acres with horses THAT JUST HAD TWO BABIES!!! Babies all around!


Now, to the BEST part of the shoot – little baby Collins!! What a cutie, this guy. As a fellow boy-mom, it’s seriously the best (and little Collins couldn’t love his momma more). Sweet little guy got a bottle right when I got there and I was trying to think quick on how to get some sweet awake shots before he took his post-bottle nap.

There was no post-bottle nap!

Little guy didn’t want to miss a thing!!! I don’t know if I’ve seen another two month old baby follow the camera so much, but he was very interested in that clicking thing in his face. Such a good sport! This whole family is just the cutest, and I’m so glad they asked me to come out!!