Baby Swimmer Adventure Session

Sweet friends of ours had the nerve to move away right when having a baby, depriving us of their sweet baby amazingness. Can you believe that??? When I posted about a mini session I genuinely hoped they’d bring sweet Hudson back to town and join in on the fun – and, behold, baby swimmer session was born.

I seriously considered scheduling swimming lessons for Jack this summer. One, I was late to the game, so next year will have to do. Two, I thought the whole time “do under-one-year-olds even learn how to swim, really?” The answer to that was clearly yes. Hudson is seven months and held his breath under water – WHAT? He was kicking and playing and splashing – totally comfortable in the water!

Little man is in his ELEMENT in the water. Like, little mer-man level. Splashing, giggles and baby smiles, this session was the stuff of Summer dreams.


Maternity Adventure Session

Momma-to-be, Caitlin, reached out for a Summer Adventure Session (Maternity style) and I was like “aww, yes!!!” And THEN she was like “I love Jerrys Sno Cones.” And then I was all ” awww YAAASSSSSS,” anybody who’s pregnant in the summer has an automatic RIGHT to Jerry’s at any time. Now that they’ve opened a second location in Cordova, I’m ALLLLLLL about it – that convenience is dangerous.

For all you non-Memphians (or Memphians who live under a rock), Jerry’s Sno Cones is THE BOMB. So many flavors, so delicious, and SO summer-friendly it’s ridiculous.

Sweet little Blakely got to enjoy some yummy sno cone while we took some pretty cute pictures awaiting her debut! These guys are gonna crush parenting. I have a sense about such things. Here’s to the adorable Miller family!